How big is a colonoscopy camera

  • The standard colonoscope is 13mm in diameter and 200cm in length. It will cause no trauma and you will be sedated for the procedure.

What position are you in for a colonoscopy?

The Procedure

You’ll lie on your left side on an exam table, and you’ll likely fall asleep. The doctor will insert the colonoscope into your rectum and pump air into the colon to get a better view of your colon’s lining.

Does a colonoscopy hurt?

Colonoscopies aren’t usually painful because most patients receive a sedative before the procedure starts. The sedative makes you so sleepy that you usually don’t feel or remember anything of the procedure.

How long will it take to recover from a colonoscopy?

After a colonoscopy, most people are back to work and “normal life” within 24 hours, or after the sedation wears off. It is recommended to refrain from flying for 48 hours after the procedure.

Are you awake during a colonoscopy?

You will be asked to change out of your street clothes and wear a hospital gown for the procedure. You will likely be given medicine into a vein (IV) to help you relax. You should not feel any pain. You may be awake during the test and may even be able to speak.

How long will I be on the toilet for colonoscopy prep?

Bowel movements usually start within two to three hours after taking the prep, but can take longer. If you have not had a bowel movement within three hours of drinking your prep, you may need an extra laxative.

Should I shave before a colonoscopy?

No shaving. The prep, either day of or night before, involves taking laxatives. It cleans out your entire system. Even taking OTC laxatives doesn’t cleanse everything.

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What are the risks of a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a safe procedure. But occasionally it can cause heavy bleeding, tears in the colon, inflammation or infection of pouches in the colon known as diverticulitis, severe abdominal pain, and problems in people with heart or blood- vessel disease.

What age should a female get a colonoscopy?

When to get a colonoscopy:

The American Cancer Society recommends people of average risk begin screening at age 50. After you initial screening, most people will not need another colonoscopy for 10 years.

Is a colonoscopy scary?

This is definitely the #1 fear I hear from people facing their first colonoscopy. People are worried that they’ll experience pain or have bleeding or post-procedure effects. Let me just put that fear to rest: there is NOTHING about a colonoscopy that will hurt.

What happens the day after a colonoscopy?

After the procedure

Don’t drive or make important decisions or go back to work for the rest of the day. If your doctor removed a polyp during your colonoscopy, you may be advised to eat a special diet temporarily. You may feel bloated or pass gas for a few hours after the exam, as you clear the air from your colon.

How soon after a colonoscopy can I eat?

You can start eating regular foods the next day. Keep eating light meals if you are not able to pass gas and still feel bloated. For the first 24 hours after your procedure: Do not drink alcohol.

How long after a colonoscopy will I poop?

Your doctor will let you know what to expect and what you can and can’t eat or drink. You might not have a bowel movement for a couple days after the procedure. When you do have your first bowel movement, you may notice a bit of blood.

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How long are you asleep for a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy takes 30 to 60 minutes. The sedative and pain medicine should keep you from feeling much discomfort during the exam. You will need to remain at the physician’s office for 1 to 2 hours until the sedative wears off.

How long does a colonoscopy procedure take?

The procedure itself usually takes from 15 to 60 minutes, but you should plan on spending 2 to 3 hours total to account for preparation, waiting and recovery time.

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