How To Delete Multiple Pictures On Spypoint Camera?


  1. 2 years ago. If you’re talking about the app you can press and hold on one image and it will get a yellow box around it and then tap on the other pics and videos that you want to delete. Then delete the highlighted ones at one time.
  2. Paul Lee. 2 years ago. Thank you!

How do I delete multiple pictures on Spypoint?

Cellular transmission Photo transmission Wireless photo transmission to the free, SPYPOINT LINK App with a SPYPOINT plan. For more information, please visit the link below.

How do I delete pictures from my trail camera?

Go into the card on your laptop, click on the first pic. Move to the last pic, hold the shift key and click on it. The whole card should be highlighted them just right click/delete or hit the delete key.

What does full HD mean on Spypoint?

FULL-HD Photos on Request packages allow you to select photos you want to see in FULL-HD and have them sent to your app, instead of having to go to your hunting area to retrieve the card and risk disturbing game.

How do I reset my Spypoint camera?

You’ll need access to a computer in order to perform the Factory Reset. Simply access the “evo.exe” (evomac. zip if using a MAC) software sitting on the SD card, and perform a “factory reset”. Then click on “save settings” and this will reset any faulty values.

How do I delete all the pictures off my SD card?

Delete folders or files on a microSD card:

  1. Open the My Files app. Note: On newer devices, the My Files app will be inside a folder named Samsung.
  2. Select the SD Card option.
  3. The files and folders on the SD card will be displayed.
  4. Press Delete on the pop up to confirm the action.
  5. The selected files will be removed.
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How do I delete pictures from SD card on Windows 10?

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  1. Connect the SD card to the computer.
  2. In the autoplay window, select, “view all files and folders”.
  3. Locate the folder where the photos are stored.
  4. Right click on the photo and select “delete”.

Why can’t I delete photos from memory card?

Check to see if your SD card is locked. If the slider on the left side of the card is in the “locked” position, you will not be able to delete photos. Move the slider away from the “locked” position to be able to delete the pictures.

How do I clear my SD card on my Sony camera?

How to format the memory card using the camera.

  1. Insert the memory card into the camera.
  2. Turn on the camera.
  3. Press the MENU button.
  4. Use the control buttons to select SETTINGS or Setup.
  6. Select FORMAT.

Can I delete photos after moving to SD card?

If you used the Move function, then the original photos on the phone’s Internal Storage have already been deleted. If you used the Copy function, then you can delete the original photos on Internal Storage.

Can you have multiple Spypoint cameras?

How many cameras can I activate on one account? You can activate as many cameras as you want on one account.

Why are my Spypoint cell link pictures blurry?

This occurs because the most recent pictures are transferred first. Example: There are 500 pictures on the SD card cable. The transfer is interrupted after the 200 newest pictures are moved to the Micro SD. Those 200 pictures are renamed PICT0001.

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Are Spypoint cameras good?

Detection range and trigger speed on the Link-Micro is excellent. This camera claims to detect out to 80′, but I have had deer be detected out to nearly 100′. Battery life on the SPYPOINT cellular cameras continue to amaze me. I have gotten 10 months out of a set of 8 lithium batteries with a Link-Evo.

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