How To Reset Lorex Camera?

To reset the IP camera to default settings:

  1. Ensure that the camera is connected to the NVR via an Ethernet cable.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button on the back or base of the camera.
  3. While still holding the Reset button, disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable.
  4. The camera will reset to defaults and then restart.

Where is the reset button on a Lorex camera?

Locate the reset button. For W281AA Series, the reset button is located at the top of the camera. Step 2. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until the chime sounds to reset the camera.

How do I reset my Lorex?

LHV / LNR Series: Restoring your DVR / NVR to default settings

  1. Lorex Support.
  2. LHV / LNR Series: Restoring your DVR / NVR to default settings.

How do I reconnect my Lorex camera?

Reconnect your device to the Lorex Home app. To reconnect to the Lorex Home app, launch the Lorex Home app > tap Settings > Wireless Network > then follow your device’s on-screen connection guide.

Why are my Lorex cameras not working?

Verify the camera is firmly connected to the power adapter, and the power adapter is connected to a functional outlet. Cover the camera lens. If the camera’s image displays when using a new port, try the initial port again, reconnecting may trigger camera video feed display. Try a different BNC or Ethernet cable.

Why are my security cameras not working?

Reboot the device. Rebooting your security camera will release its cache to flush, re-calibrate the settings, and revise connections. Directly unplug the security camera from its power supply then wait for a few seconds before plugging it again. This will reboot it.

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How do I reset my wireless camera?

Switch off the network camera by disconnecting the power adapter. Press and hold the reset button with a straightened paperclip while reconnecting the power. Keep the reset button pressed until the status indicator blinks. Release the reset button.

How do I reset my NVR to factory settings?

To factory reset the device, hold the reset button down and unplug the NVR from power. Once power is removed from the unit, continue holding the factory reset switch for 4 – 5 seconds, continue holding the reset switch and plug the power supply back into the unit. You should hear a beep if not that is alright.

Why is my security camera offline?

There are several reasons why your camera may be offline, including a depleted battery, high bandwidth usage, updated router settings, or wireless interference. The camera is designed to automatically re-connect once there is internet available. The camera should turn on as soon as the power cable is connected.

How do I get my security camera back online?

The very first thing to try in order to get your camera back online is to disconnect it from the power source. Unplug the camera and let it sit for a few minutes and after a few minutes have passed, plug the camera back in.

What does it mean when your security camera says offline?

Your camera may lose connection with our servers or the internet on some occasions. The camera is designed to automatically reconnect once there is internet available. If the camera is still offline, there may be a problem with your home network. You can reset your home router and/or modem.

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Why does my Lorex camera keep going offline?

If a connected camera is showing as Offline on your NVR, it could be related to an issue with the internal settings of your NVR or a cable connection problem. If the offline camera is connected directly to the back of your NVR, check the port connections. Restore your NVR to default settings.

Why are my Lorex cameras flashing?

Slow-Flashing Red: The router or network that the camera is connected to is down. Slow-Flashing Blue: Camera setup in progress. Slow-Flashing Blue / Red: Camera is ready for set-up. LED Off: Camera is in privacy / covert mode, or is turned off.

How long do Lorex outdoor cameras last?

It can last up to four months, depending on the amount of usage. It is ideal for low traffic areas, such as garages, backyards, or the side of a house.

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