How to set up a moultrie game camera

How do you set up a Moultrie trail camera?

  1. 10172013 • MCG-12589 / MCG-12646.
  2. Open camera cover. Install 4 C-cell alkaline batteries. …
  3. Insert SD Memory Card until you hear an audible click. Camera will not operate without SD card. …
  4. Mount camera in desired location using a mounting strap. Switch camera to IR AIM. …
  5. Set the Delay and Resolution. …
  6. 2 GB.
  7. 16 GB. …
  8. 2 GB.

How do you set up a Moultrie XA7000i?

Written Instructions To Activate From The App

Log into the Moultrie Mobile App. Click on My Account and then click Activate Device. You can either enter the Modem ID and Serial Number manually or scan the barcode on the back of the modem or inside panel of the XV7000i/XA7000i integrate cameras.

How much is a cellular plan for a trail camera?

Buying A Wireless Trail CameraData PackageMonthly ThumbnailsPrice Per MonthEconomy1,500$9.99Basic3,000$19.99Deluxe7,000$29.99Elite15,000$59.99

Why does my Moultrie Camera says card?

If it no longer reads the error message, then the card was physically locked. If it still reads the error message, it is most likely due to a problem with the SD card itself. … Make sure the SD card slot of the camera is free of debris. This should be done with a can of compressed air, such as “Keyboard cleaner”.

What is the difference between a game camera and a trail camera?

Is there a difference between Game Camera and Trail Camera? Game Cameras are also known as Trail Cameras and are the same. They are designed specifically to assist you in capturing the target’s picture and location; which is difficult to determine in wilderness. They usually have a detection field of 50- 100 feet.

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Do game cameras flash?

When a game camera’s sensor is triggered, the camera emits what is called an infrared flash. This flash allows the camera to take photos without emitting a visible light. There are very few animals who can see infrared flash, and certainly no humans can detect it.

How high off the ground should a trail camera be?

Height. Get those cameras up! When setting up a trail-camera, I believe you should always make sure the camera is at least as high as your head. I think deer are much less likely to notice cameras placed 6 feet or more off the ground.

What app do you use for the Moultrie SD card reader?

Android: All OTG-compatible Android devices running 4.0 and later. Download the free file manager app for your device on Google Play (ES File Explorer) or on the App Store (iBrary Link).

How do I connect my Moultrie modem?

  1. Setup Moultrie Mobile Account Online. Go to and select “Register New Account”.
  2. Activate Field Modem & Choose a Data Plan. …
  3. Prepare Your Camera. …
  4. Mount Field Modem MV1 Next to Or Above Camera. …
  5. TEST Button. …
  6. STATUS LED’s.
  7. Setting your Camera. …
  8. Prepare Your Modem.

How much does Moultrie mobile cost?

Moultrie offers six plan options for its 4G devices, ranging from $4.99-$49.99 a month. For most users, the $14.99 Medium (1,500 images) or $19.99 Large (3,000 images) plan should be just right.

Are cellular trail cameras worth it?

Cellular trail cameras are worth the money, but not for everyone. It depends on many factors such as driving distance, how frequent you check trail cameras, available cellular service, and the amount of photos you collect a month.

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How much is Spypoint monthly?

From the Free 100-photo plan, to the $10 Truly Unlimited plan, you can choose the photo transmission plan that fits your needs or budget. Exactly what you’d expect from the industry leader in multi-cam management.

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