Question: What Camera Does Shroud Use?

Shroud uses a Sony Alpha a6000 as his webcam. One of the star features of this 24.3 MP mirrorless camera is the notable low-light sensitivity that adjust to ISO 25600. This allows Shroud to get a high-quality image with far less light than a regular webcam.

What kind of camera does shroud use?

Camera: Sony Alpha A6000 Shroud uses Sony’s A6000 Digital Camera, which features a 24-megapixel sensor and a 1080p recording quality. Using a digital camera for a webcam allows shroud to have more freedom over his content.

Does shroud use capture card?

Shroud uses the Magewell Pro Capture Quad video capture card. It comes with 4-channels, HDMI x 4, and embedded audio x4. This card was created for video capture, making it the perfect card for streamers.

What platform does shroud use?

Shroud is a full-time streamer on the platform. He is known as an ex-professional CS:GO player and is currently one of the most popular streamers on the planet.

Is shroud sponsored by Logitech?

THE OFFICIAL GAMING GEAR OF SHROUD Play like legendary sharpshooter shroud and celebrate his latest Logitech G partnership with the new PRO Series – SHROUD Edition.

What resolution does shroud play on?

For display settings, Shroud plays on full 1920 x 1080 resolution, has his scaling set to “Stretched” and turns off Vsync. His field of view is set to 68.

Does shroud use OBS studio?

OBS Studio can also support broadcasting full-screen games of any title. Streamers who use OBS Studio: Shroud – Shroud PC Setup.

What size monitor does shroud use?

Shroud’s monitor of choice is the Acer Predator XB252Q which provides Full HD resolution 1920×1080 and it comes with Nvidia G-Sync technology. The monitor is a large 24.5 inch size, perfect for most games making sure you’re able to see the game in detail.

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What monitor does Summit1g use?

What Monitor does Summit1g Use? Summit1g uses a 27-inch Odyssey G7. This Full HD, 240 Hz monitor has a one millisecond response time.

How old is Bnans?

Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek comes out of retirement from the competitive scene. The former Cloud9 pro player last played competitively in 2017 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Does shroud use superlight?

Shroud uses a G Pro X Superlight. Developed in collaboration with some of the top names in esports, the Superlight is one of the fastest and most reliable mice on the market. It comes equipped with a sub-micron Hero 25K sensor to provide excellent accuracy and precision.

Does shroud use G Pro superlight?

Shroud New Mouse: Behold the Logitech G PRO X Superlight. At just 63 grams, it is nearly 25% lighter than the standard PRO wireless mouse. Here is what Shroud had to say about it.

Is shroud still sponsored by HyperX?

You can get a shroud-branded keyboard, headset, mouse, and mousepad. He has since been delisted from the HyperX website, but you can still view his affiliated page and products on Amazon.

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