Readers ask: How To Use Virtual Camera On Obs?


  1. Install OBS-VirtualCam.
  2. Reboot computer.
  3. Setup OBS, with optional chroma key (guide here).
  4. In OBS select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, then ‘VirtualCam’.
  5. Click the ‘Start’ button. Optionally check ‘AutoStart’ if you want to have VirtualCam start whenever OBS is running.
  6. Done!

What does the virtual camera do in OBS?

OBS virtual camera is a tool that allows video call software like Zoom or Discord to recognize OBS as a video source. It was first introduced as a 3rd-party plugin but is now available in all the latest OBS Studio versions.

How do I use virtual camera on Google using OBS?

Virtual Cameras in OBS for Google Meet Virtual Camer download link for OBS. When you will download the plugin then run it. After run to it, then open the OBS software again. Now you will see in navigation that at the Tools button in menu virtual cam has been added, as shown below in the picture.

Does OBS have virtual camera?

The good news is that there is no setup required. Virtual Camera now comes standard in OBS Studio so assuming you have the latest version you’re all good to go. Then, whichever app you want to use a webcam with, instead of selecting your hardware webcam, choose the OBS Virtual Camera option instead.

Can you use OBS with zoom?

Connecting Video Between OBS and Zoom You can now use the virtual camera output inside of OBS to send your OBS video output into Zoom. To do this, simply click the Virtual Camera Output button. You will then be able to bring in everything happening in Zoom into your OBS production.

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Can Google meets detect OBS?

If you are a Google Meet user and want to improve the way you transmit audio-visuals, OBS is the tool you need. You can connect your OBS Studio with Google Hangouts Meet and use all the features of OBS Studio for your Hangouts meetings.

Can I record Google Meet using OBS?

In order to record your Google Meet, you need to download a third-party application called OBS. On the other hand, you can actually record the screen of your laptop or PC with the default window application but it will not record the audio.

How do I add camera to OBS team?

Step 1 – Setup Your Virtual Camera in OBS and choose “OBS Virtual Camera” inside of Microsoft Teams. Step 2 – Install Virtual Audio Cables A + B (if you would like full audio connectivity) Step 3 – Connect your audio sources with virtual audio cables A + B. Step 4 – Install Audio Monitor Plugin for OBS.

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