How To Set Up Tasco Trail Camera?

To start setting up your Tasco Trail Camera:

  1. To enter Setup Mode, move the Power Switch to the middle (AIM) position (Fig. 1).
  2. Press the OK key to begin.
  3. When you finish changing a setting (or leaving it set “as is”), press OK to lock in the setting and move on to the next option/item.

Is Tasco a good trail camera?

This Tasco trail cam is very reliable at short distances within 25ft and will trigger every time. Surprisingly this camera has an impressive trigger speed some of the time with walking deer often caught just as they enter the field of view.

What are the best settings for a trail camera?

As Shawn Luchtel suggests, setting up a trail camera three to four feet off the ground works best. However, at this height there is a risk of making it accessible to would-be thieves.

How high should a trail camera be off the ground?

The trail camera should be mounted at the same level as the target subjects chest. To capture large game such as deer it is recommended to mount the camera approximately 3′ off of the ground. The angle of the land in front of the camera should be taken into account.

How do I view my trail camera pictures on my phone?

ANDROID USERS: Visit app store & download free “ES File Explorer File Manager” or “QuickPic Gallery” app. Insert SD card and the Trail Cam Tracker card reader into your phone to View, Zoom, Save, Share, or Delete Pictures or Videos within the app.

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How do I connect my WiFi SD card to my trail camera?

The Eye-fi sd card needs to be connected to the WiFi system before you bring it into the field. You can do this by plugging the SD card into your computer, and download the software that allows your card to connect to the same WiFi your computer is on.

How do trail cameras with WiFi work?

A wireless trail camera acts as a hybrid between normal trail cameras and a basic cell phone. It does this by using a normally 2G or now 3G network coverage, SIM card, and signal just as a cell phone does.

How does a game camera work?

How They Work. When used for hunting, game cameras are mounted to a tree. When a deer or other animal comes into the area, the camera’s motion sensors direct it to take photo and video. Many of them can also be configured to send the pictures and videos to your smartphone in real time.

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